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Don't Get Caught by the FEMA 50% Rule


Understand the Limits

In order to limit the liability of new construction for existing homes built beneath current FEMA flood standards (as of 12/2012), FEMA limits renovations to 50% of the estimated depreciated cost of the structure of a property. 
In other words, based on their calculations, you can only remodel to the tune of 50% of what your structure is worth in the current condition.

What Collier County Doesn't Know Can Hurt You

Since county records completes valuation on a large scale, it often has little to no information on renovations and improvements that have been completed over the years. The result is a value based on missing information. Real Estate in Naples and Southwest Florida is constantly in flux so you need the most accurate and up-to-date valuation of your property to make good decisions about your renovation.

Request Your Professional Appraisal

The cost is usually between $400-500 dollars to get an accurate representation, and get the real numbers for your renovation.

What People are saying about Candid Appraisals

    "James Berry, of Candid Appraisals, completed a FEMA appraisal for our home, and he couldn't have been more pleasant to work with.  James was extremely efficient and thorough.  He impressed us immensely with his knowledge of home values and rebuild values in the area.  The entire process was fast and seamless.  Highly recommended."

- Heather M., Naples homeowner

"Our renovation project was an historical cottage downtown. It was not only located in a FEMA flood zone, but also was subject to additional City of Naples restrictions. Automated valuations of our home did not fully reflect market value and limited our ability to make requisite improvements. Candid Appraisals provided a fair, thorough, and justifiable assessment of our property. James Berry and his team were professional and responsive. We have referred Candid Appraisals to several colleagues, all of whom were very thankful."

- Thomas L.