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We offer appraisals in Marco Island for residential, commercial, probate and more.

We provide a wide array of services in the Marco Island, Florida area.

Our Services

Homeowner Appraisals

We regularly work with owners looking to obtain a second opinion on a home purchase or sale.

Investor Appraisals

To spot the once in a lifetime deals, you need local knowledge.

Attorney Appraisals

We are experienced in providing expert testimony and consulting on investment decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the appraisal take?
It depends on which part of the appraisal process you are referring to: scheduling the appointment, completing the property inspection or delivering the written appraisal report.
How long is the appraisal good for?
An appraisal is based upon an effective date. Essentially, the valuation is valid as of the date of the inspection, or the date agreed upon during the scope of work and engagement. The further from this effective date, and depending on market conditions, the less accurate the valuation may be.
Does the appraisal take into account the condition of my home?
Yes. The condition of your home is an important factor in the appraisal process. As such, commonly the first step of the appraisal is an interior inspection to take note of condition, upgrades, and renovation. The overall condition of the property is a portion of the data gathering that helps the appraiser to select the most similar homes for comparison.
What are your qualifications?
Since 2005, we have conducted in excess of 5,500 individual appraisals including single-family, condominium, duplex/triplex/quadplex, vacant land, high-value, cooperative, estate, pre-marketing, and divorce appraisals. Since 2008 the total value of our appraisals completed exceed $2.2 billion. We are certified in the State of Florida, on the panel of FHA approved appraisers, and James Berry is an SRA – a Senior Residential Appraiser.
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