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There are plenty of reasons why a homeowner may need an appraisal

We regularly work with owners looking to obtain a second opinion on a home purchase or sale.

It is easy to be emotional about a home as they are deeply personal, and making the right choice on value can have lifelong effects on your finances.

Because of this personal factor, it is sometimes difficult to determine a reliable value in order to not overpay for, or under list a home. Since we are an objective third party, and our values are firmly grounded in market data, we can provide that extra confidence and clarity for your personal financial decision. We also provide second opinions on value for homeowners with a unique home that is outside the conventional neighborhood build.

Are you looking to refinance your home? While your lender will be the one to choose your appraiser, we’re happy to consult with you if you are concerned about the results of that appraisal. We can help you contest the results of your refinance appraisal by reviewing the report for factual errors, poor choice of comparable properties, and lack of support for the value conclusion. 

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